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Securing clinical technology, including IoT medical device security, against the growing threat of attacks is an ever evolving challenge in healthcare cyber security requiring industry specific solutions. Emeritus Cyber Solutions (ECS) combines clinical engineering expertise with information security best practices to ensure healthcare delivery organizations, patients, and their data maintain integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality.

With cyber attacks on the rise, ECS is dedicated to ensuring that our solutions outpace the threat by helping healthcare providers deploy cutting edge technology and comprehensive governance programs. Our 5-STAR process works in alignment with your business strategy to protect critical infrastructure and more importantly, your patients.

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EMPOWERING our clients to operate at the leading-edge of technology

Through sound healthcare cyber security management practices, our clients can rely on their clinical networks to perform efficiently and safely. The proper balance of intentional design, continuous monitoring, staff training, and risk management how the systems we support meet the ever-evolving challenges.

The first step to solving a problem is being able to clearly see it. We show you exactly what’s medical devices are on your network, what they interacts with, what type of data they transmit, known vulnerabilities, and current configuration settings. With this knowledge you can create a plan to address issues and protect your medical devices.

Cyber security requires plans, policies, and procedures that work together to ensure your medical devices are safe from attack. Applying medical device expertise, we can evaluate your processes for completeness or help you deploy them to fill gaps. Ensuring plans are in place to perform regular audits, maintain systems, monitor threats, and respond to incidence bring peace of mind against cyber risks.

Our thorough risk assessment and planning procedures ensures that actions taken to harden the network are prioritized towards the greatest threats and non-disruptive to patient care.

Cyber threats are ever evolving requiring continuous maintenance. Our configuration and patch management programs help your devices maintain the highest level of protection.

Real-time surveillance is key to mitigating cyber security risks. Understanding what your baseline activity looks like and being able to recognize when something goes wrong speeds incidence response and reduces impact and cost.

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