Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

Emeritus Cyber Security Services: Our programs helps healthcare delivery organization protect their medical networks utilizing cutting edge technology combined with industry-leading best practices.

We understand the importance of partnering with our clients to identify challenges and develop solutions that address the root issues, align with business goals, and plan for the future. Our solutions provide best practices in IT security management with built-in continuous improvement in the areas of workflow optimization, and process improvement. Only through this approach can your clinical network be best protected.

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Our Promise

We COMMIT to providing Healthcare Cyber Security services that bring value to our healthcare delivery partners

Proper planning for and practice of  incident response processes is a continuous effort that lead to reduce down-time of medical networks. What’s at stake if your clinical or administrative users lose access to the network and applications used to provide healthcare? Our preventive and corrective maintenance services not only help protect your networks but keeps your business moving forward.

Our cyber services are centered around the intricacies of providing network protection in the clinical environment. By merging information security with clinical engineering expertise, we are able to offer healthcare specific services.

As IT security costs increase, we believe in a firm, fixed pricing platform for outsourced Managed Security Services (MSS) that facilitates smooth and predictable IT spending. Our approach allows our clients to plan more effectively as well as protect against unexpected expenses.

Proactive cyber security management outsourced to experts helps our clients reduce risks associated with business interruption, data security,  reputation, cost fluctuations, and much more.  Forwarding the risk and effort of maintaining your IT security allows our clients to focus on their core business of helping patients.

Properly maintained medical networks include built-in feedback loops which provide the inputs for continuous system improvement. These improvements ensure that the system is adaptable and able to flex with changes from inside or outside your organization.