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Emeritus provides medical network cyber security audits and support to ensure your technology in protected from malfunction, misuse, or cyber attack. Our team of medical network experts empower healthcare delivery organizations to utilized the latest in healthcare technology while giving you the peace of mind.

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End-to-end medical cyber security support services.

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Know Your Network

Protecting your networks begins with knowing what is connected, what data it is sharing, and where it is being shared. Our healthcare specific approach provides:

- Device Make and Model
- Device Location
- Device Configuration
- Data Routes
- Data Classifications

Create a Baseline

Limiting the impact of problems as they enter your network required quick action. The more you know about the normal traffic patterns, the more quickly anomalies are spotted and risks mitigated. Our free assessment provides you with a baseline from which to compare future network activity.


Assessing the current state includes both KNOWING which connected devices are most critical, have highest risk, and are most likely to cause a problem. Combined with reviewing the current risk procedures for effectiveness, this assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current state of vulnerability.

Mitigation Plan

Our free Medical Cyber Security Audit provides prioritized actionable mitigation tasks along with governance plan inputs. The completion of a well executed risk assessment will position your HDO to not only mitigate current risks, but drive policy development for continuous improvement.



Risk Assessment

We are primed to develop and implement processes and procedures to ensure optimal protection against cyber threats.

System Hardening

System Hardening: we perform thorough analysis of your systems to determine where we need to construct additional layers of protection to hedge off potential attacks.

User Training

We know that the best line of cybersecurity defense is teaching awareness so that your employees can be educated and empowered to help in the prevention of cyberattacks.

Regulatory Support

We know the cyber statistics and can predict what’s coming down the pipeline to stay ahead of changing regulations, allowing predictive rather than reactive security management and compliance.


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