We’ve got you covered

Healthcare Managed Security Services (MSS) is an outsourced team of cybersecurity experts that manage all of your medical network security needs. As technology continues to outpace all else, without the right security strategy, challenges can rapidly disrupt your ability to provide the right care to the right person at the right time. These services come in a variety of shapes and sizes from fully outsourced to a hybrid of your team and ours.

Always Monitoring

So you don't have to

We remotely watch your medical network for signs of intrusion, misuse, or other error states. Real-time notifications allow for fast response and risk mitigation. Our zero-day, industry-specific research provides ultimate protection for your network.

Continuous Improvements

Updates and upgrades that protect

Staying ahead of today’s threats requires regular software and firmware updates. Let us help you keep your patient’s data safe and your medical network working efficiently by applying industry best practices. Frequent response emulation allows our clients to continuously improve their process. 

Governance Development

Plan to succeed

Creating plans, policies, and processes that protect your medical network is essential. Our experts customize these plans to meet industry-specific regulatory requirements and limit the impact on your clinical workflows. We continuously put these plans to test to ensure everyone knows their role at time of incidence. 

Incident Response

Reduce the impact

Rest assured that when an incident happens, you have the right policies, procedures, and experts by your side to reduce the impact to your practice and your patients. You can’t always keep a breach from happening but you can be prepared to limits its impact. 


Managed Security Services for Healthcare

Managed Security Services
  • IT Security Policy Development

  • Incident Response Planning

  • Patch Management

  • Data Protection and loss prevention

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Information Backup

  • Disaster Recovery Support

  • Breach Emulation

  • Staff Augmentation

  • IoT Medical Device Security