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Safely and effectively managing protected health information is a big task requiring expertise in many different industry-specific areas. Emeritus Cyber Solutions offers a flexible and customizable menu of services to ensure you receive the services you need. Whether you want to tighten up security company-wide or if you want to harden specific IT areas like medical device security, we offer provisions for each of our customer’s unique needs. In healthcare, patients should come first. Let us protect your network so your staff can focus on what they do best: offering the best quality of care to the patients who depend on them.

With Emeritus, you’ll be fully covered. Our experts have extensive IT knowledge, are highly specialized in cybersecurity, and have a wealth of clinical workflows experience. Our comprehensive strategies involve the following:


Risk Assessment

we are primed to develop and implement processes and procedures to ensure optimal protection against cyber threats. (LINK TO RISK ASSESSMENT PAGE)

System Hardening

System Hardening: we perform thorough analysis of your systems to determine where we need to construct additional layers of protection to hedge off potential attacks.

User Training

we know that the best line of cybersecurity defense is teaching awareness so that your employees can be educated and empowered to help in the prevention of cyberattacks.

Regulatory Support

we know the cyber statistics and can predict what’s coming down the pipeline to stay ahead of changing regulations, allowing predictive rather than reactive security management and compliance.

Emeritus is a full service healthcare information security service provider and your medical cyber experts. We understand the importance of partnering with our customers to identify challenges and to develop solutions that address specific concerns and tailor our approach to your company’s cybersecurity needs. Our solutions not only provide best practices in medical cyber security but also extend to include upgrades to workflow optimization and process improvement so clinical data can be assessed, retrieved, and shared across multiple platforms lined with safeguards to keep your hospital or medical clinic running smoothly.

Cybercrime is on the rise and healthcare is the biggest target. In fact, hospital organizations account for 30% of large data breaches. The HIPAA Journal states that an average of 3,343,448 healthcare records were breached each month between July 2020 and June 2021. These numbers are expected to increase, which is exactly why cybersecurity needs to be a new priority all its own on the budget sheet.

Your ability to protect your data has sizable implications in how well you can do your job. In the increasingly tech savvy world of healthcare, being able to readily access, retrieve, and share information across multiple channels is literally a matter of life or death. You can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Your cybersecurity system needs to be top-notch and the team handling it needs to be cutting-edge. Most midsized hospital and other HDOs don’t have the internal resources to stay ahead of the threat. If this is you, let our cybersecurity experts lead the way into a safer future for your company’s bottom line and your patients’ trust.

Technology-based systems have now become the norm in healthcare. The speed and efficiency of high tech systems has catapulted the state of patient care to new levels. It’s a progressive arena and cybercriminals are keeping step with it. Hackers prey on the weakest areas of an organization's IT infrastructure, which usually starts with unaware or undertrained employees who unknowingly open the company up to the thralls of cyber destruction through phishing emails and malware. Your security experts need to be one step ahead of them, anticipating the attacks and being proactive in preparing for them so they can be quickly eliminated. Emeritus is positioned to outstep the threat.

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